Thursday, August 10, 2017

Singing In The Choir

Hi bloggers of the world, Yesterday me and my choir team went on a little trip to glen Eden Intermediate. We went there to learn the songs for the concert in November. So we need to practice hard. We did some songs that we did not know. But my three favourite songs were Time To Say Good Bye, Joseph Melody and Man In  The Mirror. We had no soloist but we finally got one from the school and her name was Ruby she was singing the solo for Man in the mirror. She was really good. My Most favourite thing was the Violin. Well after that we went back to school. Some of us said the notes were to hard to get for most of the songs. It was hard to pronounce the words in time to say good ye even when  you have to say it fast and then slow. blog you later.šŸŽ¤

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