Friday, September 1, 2017

Awesome camp at Mt Reapehu

Hello bloggers of the world, on week five we went to Mt Ruapehu for our camp. We had a choice of either going skiing or snow boarding and I chose skiing because I thought it was going to be easy, but it was so so hard to get up on the ski's. We went in separate groups And I was with my best friend Amaya. We both learnt how to stop and how to turn on our long skis. it was really fun that I want to do it again.

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On the way there we went to three exciting stops Otrihanga, Hamilton gardens and a school near national park. It was really fun at the school. 

Friday, August 18, 2017


Hi bloggers of the world, last term we went to Orienteering. It was the Yr 5 And Yr 6's of Waikowhai
did it. I was at Block House Bay near the park. We were waiting and waiting. Till we just found out there was a fitness Track that we could go on. Then we finally got called up we were ready, so ready that we weren't even freaked out. Then the final word came and it was...GO!!!. We all ran to the first mark. It was hard with the map because we had to turn it in every way. I got tricked by the grass because I thought it was not muddy but it was.

I liked Orienteering because it was the first Time using a map. Most of the time it was hard because we went past the letters. I learnt that somethings aren't always easy. I learnt to never give up. And thank's to the magnificent Ms Sands. Blog you later📬🗺

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Singing In The Choir

Hi bloggers of the world, Yesterday me and my choir team went on a little trip to glen Eden Intermediate. We went there to learn the songs for the concert in November. So we need to practice hard. We did some songs that we did not know. But my three favourite songs were Time To Say Good Bye, Joseph Melody and Man In  The Mirror. We had no soloist but we finally got one from the school and her name was Ruby she was singing the solo for Man in the mirror. She was really good. My Most favourite thing was the Violin. Well after that we went back to school. Some of us said the notes were to hard to get for most of the songs. It was hard to pronounce the words in time to say good ye even when  you have to say it fast and then slow. blog you later.🎤

Friday, August 4, 2017

Strand Maths

Hi Bloggers of the world, My name is Shiya, yesterday we were making tents and I did a tipi that is a Squaws house.  

For our task, our really nice teachers gave us some tooth picks and modelling clay to make our own mini tent. My problem was that all of the tooth picks kept on falling down on to the table and it was not stable. I had fun doing it because it was my first time making a tent model. I found out that tooth picks and modelling clay can make a little tent and you have to have patience. My shape was a 3D triangle with modelling clay on top. For me it was kind of hard to make it come together because it got bunched up and it was out of shape. I would love it if you left a comment!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Shiya's Smart choices

Hi bloggers of the world today we are going to learn about Shiya's smart choices. So me and my two partners made a comic strip about making the right choices - like do not email in class time when your supposed to be learning. We did it on emailing so that kids can remember not to email other kids in class and can detracts other kids as well.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Shiya's experiences with Duchshounds

Hello bloggers of the world! Today I am going to show you fun Facts about Dachshunds. Some people might just call them sausage dogs but that was not their real name their real name was a DACHSHUND. I have written some very very good facts. I did my facts on Dachshunds because I wanted to know little bit more about them. I found out lots of things I didn't know before. For me I thought that it was a little bit hard to do. It was fun because I found out lots of facts about them 
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Friday, June 30, 2017

Be Funky

Hello bloggers of the world sin my class room we have been doing Be funky.Have you ever looked on a magazine and said man I wish i could be them when that is not their real bodies don't even look like that. We went onto a web site that was called Be funky. We had a little play of doing it our selves. We did lots and lots of things to change the way we look.You should try it your self. Then you will have no worries of saying I want to be them. When I did it, I did lots of things but the main thing was all about me and my music. I was hard to find out where to get the signed. Here is one of my Owen.

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