Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My book review

Hi bloggers of the world. Last week I did a book review on Super Finn. We had to fill in slides relating to the book. I really liked the first thing that we did it was putting the story  together in the  beginning, middle and end. The main character slide was my favourite because you had to make a character using all the hair styles and the colours and the shapes. I found some interesting things in the slides. There were two words that were in the slide that I didn't know. Here is a snap shot of my favourite slide. I will be putting the rest of the slide on next week.Blog you later📖🚶

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cybersmart time

Hi blogger of the world!!!! This week we are working on using descriptive language by sharing our writing straight onto our blog.  The challenge we have is to describe a place using only six sentences. After reading the description you need to guess the place that has been described. It would really help if you say what clues helped you come to this conclusion.

  1. The Turtle swim to shoer
  2. The coral reef cheers
  3. Water tumbles down
  4. I'm beautiful and the sea changes colour
  5. Animals surround me like a water forest
  6. Accent treasurers are below me
  7. Beaches where ever you look

Can you guess what my island is £ paradise


Hi my name is Shiya and I am in Waitemata, I go to W.P.S. Last week we had a task to do and our task was to do our all ALL ABOUT ME. Our ALL ABOUT ME was about what we liked and what we are good at. When we first did it it was so exciting but as we went to do it properly it was so hard. The reason why it was hard was because you didn't know which one you should do. My most favourite on was the son artist. I really really like Beyonce, Rihanna. because the are really good at singing. And when I had finished this I had just realised that I had to put some pics on it. And I also had to change my background. The ALL ABOUT ME was kinda hard and kinda easy. I hoped you liked it.

BLOG you later😜🍉

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Welcome to 2018!!!

Hi my name is Shiya and I am in room Waitemata. For cyber smart we were doing a DLO, That stand's for Digital learning object. We Had to get it in to groups of three. And I was it my best friend, Amaya, Lavinia and me. We had to make a poster based on the Kawa of Care. That's like rules of how to look after you Chromebook. On our one we did one when you can't eat or drink near you chrome book.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wheels Day

Hi bloggers of the world, On Monday there was wheels day. On wheels day we all had to get into groups. My group was really cool and the first  thing that they did was a very cool nice relaxing thing it was the slip-in slide. For the slip and side It was really fun, every body was so happy that we got to go on them slip-in slide for the first event. Every body wanted to be the first ones to go on the slide, and there was such a long line. After that we got to have a 30 min break, then after that we went to go and ride on some wheels. It was really fun. And then it was the end of the day. And  at the end of the day we finished it of with a calm talk and how the day went.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Favourite Part Of The Year

My favourite part of the  year was meeting my new friend Skye. Skye is a nice  and caring. Me and Skye is always going to be best friends. But mine and Skye bonding ship started at camp when we were at Mt Ruapehu. at  Mt Ruapehu we were really starting to bond. Me and Skye can always work together as a team. We have a good friend ship. We have had a lot of bad and good times. I have learnt a lot about Skye that she it fun and she is caring. Me and her have had a lot of experience with her. It is so much fun having a friend. If i were you I would get a true friend right NOW.

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My Gala Hats

Hello blogger of the world we had our gala last last week and it was so much fun. Then a few day later we had to do a slideshow on the six thinking hats the main thing with the slide show was about the gala day. there was so many hats to do .There was the,white, yellow, green, black red, blue. The most hardest hat to do was the black hat because you had to do so many negatives but it was just so hard because there was no negatives. And one of my most favourite hast was the  the blue hat. It was about what we did after the show. After the gala day it was super fun and I will never forget it. That was my first gala ever in my life and it was cool

Blog You later🎬🏯