Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wheels Day

Hi bloggers of the world, On Monday there was wheels day. On wheels day we all had to get into groups. My group was really cool and the first  thing that they did was a very cool nice relaxing thing it was the slip-in slide. For the slip and side It was really fun, every body was so happy that we got to go on them slip-in slide for the first event. Every body wanted to be the first ones to go on the slide, and there was such a long line. After that we got to have a 30 min break, then after that we went to go and ride on some wheels. It was really fun. And then it was the end of the day. And  at the end of the day we finished it of with a calm talk and how the day went.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Favourite Part Of The Year

My favourite part of the  year was meeting my new friend Skye. Skye is a nice  and caring. Me and Skye is always going to be best friends. But mine and Skye bonding ship started at camp when we were at Mt Ruapehu. at  Mt Ruapehu we were really starting to bond. Me and Skye can always work together as a team. We have a good friend ship. We have had a lot of bad and good times. I have learnt a lot about Skye that she it fun and she is caring. Me and her have had a lot of experience with her. It is so much fun having a friend. If i were you I would get a true friend right NOW.

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My Gala Hats

Hello blogger of the world we had our gala last last week and it was so much fun. Then a few day later we had to do a slideshow on the six thinking hats the main thing with the slide show was about the gala day. there was so many hats to do .There was the,white, yellow, green, black red, blue. The most hardest hat to do was the black hat because you had to do so many negatives but it was just so hard because there was no negatives. And one of my most favourite hast was the  the blue hat. It was about what we did after the show. After the gala day it was super fun and I will never forget it. That was my first gala ever in my life and it was cool

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Friday, November 17, 2017

How to make soap

Hi blogger of the world!!! last term me and my awesome classroom made soap. We had to get into  groups of five.  And  I went with all of my buddies. We took a very long time to figure out what type of soap we were going to do. After 15 mints we finally made a decision we were going to make water melon soap.   but we didn't have the ingredient's so we found out how to make the lemon scented soap.You will need a lemon, glycerine, grantor, chopping board, micro wave, and a knife make sure that you get an adult to help you and a containor.

1.chop up the  glycerine and put it into a bowl

2. put your glycerine in the microwave  for 2min

3.grate the lemon skin into a container

4. once the  glycerine is melted put the grated lemon skin in the mix, then mix it.

5. get you fav mould and pour the mixture into the mould

6.then wait for it to set

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Novel study

Hello bloggers of the world,

 This week the whole of Te Waka Ako are doing a slide show. The slide show was all about reading our novel. My novel was called Super Finn! I thought that it was a really cool book to read. My favourite part was when they were selling all of the lollies. My most favourite slide was the main character slide. I really like the main character slide because it said to make your own character presenting your book. And I did a person just like the character in my book. The front cover helped me do the character I wrote the main things on the main character. The slide show was really fun and I found the slide show a little bit hard. And I hope you like the slide show.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Awesome camp at Mt Reapehu

Hello bloggers of the world, on week five we went to Mt Ruapehu for our camp. We had a choice of either going skiing or snow boarding and I chose skiing because I thought it was going to be easy, but it was so so hard to get up on the ski's. We went in separate groups And I was with my best friend Amaya. We both learnt how to stop and how to turn on our long skis. it was really fun that I want to do it again.

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On the way there we went to three exciting stops Otrihanga, Hamilton gardens and a school near national park. It was really fun at the school. 

Friday, August 18, 2017


Hi bloggers of the world, last term we went to Orienteering. It was the Yr 5 And Yr 6's of Waikowhai
did it. I was at Block House Bay near the park. We were waiting and waiting. Till we just found out there was a fitness Track that we could go on. Then we finally got called up we were ready, so ready that we weren't even freaked out. Then the final word came and it was...GO!!!. We all ran to the first mark. It was hard with the map because we had to turn it in every way. I got tricked by the grass because I thought it was not muddy but it was.

I liked Orienteering because it was the first Time using a map. Most of the time it was hard because we went past the letters. I learnt that somethings aren't always easy. I learnt to never give up. And thank's to the magnificent Ms Sands. Blog you later📬🗺