Thursday, June 28, 2018

ZOO Trip

Te Waka Ako (the senior school) and the teachers and some of the parents of the children in the class got to go to the zoo with us. We all got there on a doubledecker bus and  everybody was super surprised. 

We went to the Auckland Zoo and every body was full of energy and excited to go.The zoo is so amazing. I got to experience all of the awesome animals there that I have never seen. My four favourites were the tiger, tuatara, kiwi and giraffe. We went to the tigers den and it spread something all over the glass with it's tail. But then... it got on to a rock and roared to it's mate, it was so cool. The kiwi and the tuatara were so cool.  To experience all of the animals we have never seen before and to go to all of the different enclosures. After the free time  was over, we went to the Bug Lab. It was so cool, there were so many facts. Then back  to free time we got to go to the Africa part, it felt like I was actually in Africa. We were in a rush to get back on to the bus, it was hard. We went back to school and relaxed as we ate lunch, we had 15 minutes of play time. Then it was home time.                                                                                                                              Blog you later😉🌝 


Friday, June 15, 2018

My Geometric Art

Hello bloggers of the world.
We were given a task for visual art. It was Geometric Art. I had no idea what it was, but it was an out line of an animal with shapes and lines. Then we were slowly following the instructions. 

1.  We needed to do was find an animal, I chose a NZ Falcon.

2. Then we went on a google drawing and traced it with with the scribble.

3. Then my teacher printed the art out. 

4. Then we got a sheet of paper that we painted with white paint. Then we traced the out line at the back with a sketch pencil. And then we went over the lines on the front with pen on the white sheet of paper that we painted.

5. Then the out line appeared then we ha to make shapes.

6. Then we chose 4 colours then then we painted it.

7. Then we did the background and touch ups.

It was really fun and cool because a got to experience  geometric art. I would change the picture because I didn't like the shape of it, when i did the feet.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Tiritiri Matangi!!!!

Hello Bloggers of the world yesterday on Thursday, I went to the Tiritiri Matangi.  Tiritiri Matangi is an island of paradise, for all of the endangered animals that may not walk the ground again. But thanks to Tiritiri Matangi workers they may have a chance. We had to be straight on time wich was 7:30. it was a rush. but then the bus was 5 min late. then they arrived we got into our groups then we were of to the ferry. It was so much fun arriving to the ferry, when we were on the ferry I got a freight because it was only my second time on a ferry. We were supposed to bring money if we wanted. I bought some of the food with the money I had. It was long ride then we made it to the hauraki's golf to pick up more people to go to the island. It was 20 min to the island until we  arrived.then we arrived. We had to go down by the rail. then we had to get into groups. Then we had to go to our guides. Then we went to find new birds the first bird was a Kereru that we saw. It was a long trip. the fantail followed us because we disturbed the insects.then we had lunch at the light house. then we did a scavenger hunt the.we headed back to the ferry.  It was a short ride back. We went back to Auckland.Then thetrip was over and we headed back  to school by bus. on the way we watched the movie moana. we arrived around 5:45 Then we arrived back at school every body went home on the cold chilly night.  If you have been, please treasure it. If you haven't been try save it. link

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


This week we have been learning information On Anzac. The word ANZAC stand for Australian  New Zealand Army Corps. They wear a Army uniform, with medals on them. They also wear Bright poppies. The are a type of flower. In our class we were reading a book about the Anzac's. The two books were called Lest we forget and My Granddad Marches on Anzac Day. We had to do a task on My Granddad Marches on Anzac Day. Our task was to Put the taken out words in the story. It was easy. For the second book we did the Compare Contrast Map. it was a little hard. Blog you Later🌹🥀

Friday, April 13, 2018

Cubist Art

Hi bloggers of the world. This term we were doing cubist art. Cubist art is really really cool. Cubist art was a famous art in the early 1900s which was cool. Here is a fact. Picasso was inspired by Seurat and Cézanne. Cubist art is when you do a portrait using shapes.You also need to do the straight lines in it. I did some cubist art as well. I think that I did really well. Here is a photo. Blog you later😄😆😀

The Amazing race

Hi My fellow worshippers, Today I'm am going to tell you about the Amazing Race. Te Waka Ako did the a 2 hr race. That was kinda of related to the normal amazing race. We had to get into a group of four, Then we had to go outside and get the clues. They were really hard at first because we were clueless. But as we did it more and more we started to get use to it. I thought it was really hard. But we all figured out that we need team work. I learnt that you must actually think before you do and you need to do teamwork. I think that me and my group did really really well for the Amazing Race.  We all did really well. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Bike ride

Hi bloggers of the world, Its me Shiya, and i'm going to tell you about my Easter bike ride Over the Easter holiday. I went for The longest bike ride in my life with my dad. I went Form My house to the mountain, Then I was supposed to have a rest.But I didn't Stop. So I had to go from the mountain to my naans house. Then I sneaked a 1
hr rest well my dad had a coffee. Then we went to the city and all the way back home. Then when we got home we had to set up  a Easter hunt for the adults We were laughing None of them found them because  my little brother Tayzsar ate them all.
 I learnt that just because there adults dose not mean that they have a smarter mind then kids.                                           Blog you later